Decompression “Rocket”, the official regional Burning Man event


On October 13, the Ukrainian community of Burning Man will conduct an operation code-named Decompression Rocket. Together with you, we will launch the spaceship DK “Kurenivka”, the main cultural hope of the Ukrainian mankind, into uncharted expanses of space in order to explore new matters, find new forms of life and light them with good care.

To implement this extravagant mission, we will need any physical, material, creative or moral help, so everyone is invited to prepare for the launch.

Also, during the launch, any cultural activities will be welcomed and encouraged.

Since in the alien life conditions our hryvnias or dollars are meaningless, the concept of money also does not work on the territory of the cosmodrome. All alcohol filling stations operate completely free of charge.

Instead of an outdated monetary system, we have introduced a more advanced gift system, in which cosunits transmit to each other various values ​​(food with a high amount of sugar, decorative elements, physical pressing one body to another) and do not ask for anything in return.

Attention! The riot of textile dyes and textures at the spaceport can plunge newcomers into visual shock. We don’t know if intelligent life outside the solar system will be found, but it is known that “greeted by clothes”, therefore, in case of first contact, all cosunites are recommended to wear the brightest uniform that they can find.

For smoother assimilation into the Berner device, in addition to the uniform and gift units, also take: a personal container for receiving liquids; a box for storing burnt tobacco; dry or wet rations.

The success of the operation is not guaranteed. Either we will overcome the stratosphere together with all other spheres and ascend to the stars, or we will beautifully break up into small pieces. In any case, it will be fun.

Charge life support systems for 24 hours.
Engines at full power.
There will be a lot of fire.

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Decompression Rocket - FOMO tickets 1 500 

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